Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's In My Bag?

Happy Tuesday!  We are one day closer to the weekend.  And guess what, it's the first day of October! I can't wait to smash my goals this month.  Back in January, I made resolutions for each month and I've done a pretty good job of sticking with them (go me!) and this month I'm going to crush them.
Also, I'm SO excited because (as you all know), I'm in a sorority and guessss whatttt my two littles have both taken a little which makes me a grand big!! Just trust me, this is super exciting.
So a bunch of people in blog world have been doing posts about what's in their bag and honestly, as I admitted in this post, I love seeing what people keep in their purses.
As long as I can remember, I have been a bag girl.  I love purses!
This is my purse.  I love it!  I got it this summer in Atlanta with Melissa.  It's great for fall and is adorable.  Oh and I got it at a consignment shop and it was $20. #winning.

This is my purse.  Yes I am an organized freak, but it's okay.  I like it that way.  
My black and white wallet is from thirty one and I love it! It keeps my credit cards, money, checkbook and cash, as well as a pen. Score!
The blue Vera Bradley case is where I keep rewards cards to certain stores.  The cheetah print bag is my OMG! I wish I had a... kit.  If you don't have one, I demand you go make one now.  It's so handy!
The notebook is if I have things to jot down, obviously two pens, some Forever Red perfume (my favorite!!!), Paris Amour lotion, Carmex, lip gloss and pink lipstick.
I need to update my kit (I need bandaids and tylenol back in there, I've used it all!) I have chaptstick, lip gloss, perfume, clear nail polish, mini hair spray, sewing kit, nail file, mirror, business cards, breath drops and hand sanitizer.

Ok, so tell me what's in your purse!
Leave me your link in the comments so I can creep!
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  1. I haven't done a post like this yet, maybe I will although I think my purse is pretty boring compared to some of the one's I have seen.

  2. I love it! My bags are always super organized too... And I switch between three different bags depending on the day and what I'm planning to do!

  3. It's always lovely to see what's in someone's bag :D

  4. I love consignment shops, you did score a great find on your bag! I love this idea for a blog entry :)

  5. my bag is a mess! with kayla always sticking stuff in there, i always find random stuff. once i found a plastic lipstick because she felt that i needed more. i'm not sure what she was trying to say but i was offended LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Genius with the 'wish I had it' kit. And congrats on your Glittles! I miss those days... pretty sure I have G-G-G-G-Glittles now


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